Telephone Answering Service
Take your time back with our 24/7/365 Answering Service

Activate your service in minutes,

without ever speaking to a Sales Representative.

No monthly base rates, minimum usage, or set-up fees.

You only pay for calls answered.

Plans & Pricing

  • 20 credits
  • Only $1.50 per call credit.
  • 33 credits
  • +1 bonus credit
  • Only$1.47 per call credit.
  • 133 credits
  • +20 bonus credits
  • Only $1.31 per call credit.
  • 267 credits
  • +66 bonus credits
  • Only $1.20 per call credit.
  • 500 credits
  • +160 bonus credits
  • Only $1.14 per call credit.

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Explore some of our most common questions and see if we haven’t already answered your inquiry.

Q:  What if my customers call after normal business hours?
A: We’re available to take messages and talk to your callers 24/7/365, even on holidays.

Q: How will the agent know what to do with my calls?
A: When a call is received, our agent’s computer displays the designated answer phrase. After this prompt, we’ll record the caller’s name, number, and message. You’ll then receive the message via SMS, email, or through your secure online portal.

Q: What is the set up cost?
A: There are no setup costs, hidden charges, or monthly fees.

Additional Questions?

Ask our sales team!

Support Center

For existing clients with questions about their account, please log in to your client portal and send us a support ticket.

Or you may email us at admin@answeramerica.com.

For sales assistance, please call 800-313-2307.

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