I've forgotten my password!

Simply go to the Reset Password Page and enter your registered email and/or mobile number and your username and password will be sent via those methods. Note: If you have more than one account with those details (for example, you used the same mobile number for your Admin account and your John.Doe user account) then both accounts will be issued a new password.

I've forgotten my Admin password!

Follow exactly the same steps as above, and remember that more than one account may have a new password issued.

How do i add funds to my account?

Log on as Admin and you can add funds from there.

How do I find out my call forwarding number again?

Log on as Admin and it's on the homepage

How do I forward my phone?

Forwarding Instructions for all customers are provided in your Documents folder once you've logged in.

Only some calls are being sent via email/sms

Chances are, you've deactivated the report. Login as Admin, go into Tools->Message Reports and make sure the 'Message (No user specified)' reports are selected (in whichever formats you want). When a caller doesn't ask for someone in particular we send the details of the call to the Admin user.

Are the calls recorded?

AnswerAmerica live monitors and/or digitally records all incoming calls for quality assurance and training purposes only. Answer America does not share call recordings with any outside party at any time, nor does Answer America retain the recordings. Call recordings are purged on a regular basis.

I would like to speak to someone in customer support

Of course - to speak to Customer Support, please call 800-977-7627. Customer Support representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you prefer, you may email your question to Answer America Customer Support at admin@answeramerica.com
Still got questions?

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